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Our Personal Commitment to Justice for Personal Injury Cases

Life can change drastically -physically, emotionally, and financially - if you or a member of your family suffer a personal injury. You deserve a personal commitment from a law firm that will listen to you, stand by your side and help you win justice.

For almost 25 years, Steven H. Schafer & Associates has served New England citizens with the finest legal counsel in serious personal injury cases. We make a total commitment to our clients, often going to extreme lengths to find the right evidence, the right experts, and the right case to help you win. We understand that no two personal injury cases are alike and you deserve to be heard.

As a matter of philosophy, we do not represent insurance companies. We Our philosophy inspires us to side with individuals and small businesses’ 100 percent of the time. Concentrating in serious personal injury cases:

Other Negligence Cases

We also represent individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in our Civil Litigation and Business Litigation practice.

We regularly handle cases referred to us from other attorneys. Attorneys, please visit our simple Attorney Referral form to tell us about your case.


Learn How Evidence Wins Cases

A personal injury case can hinge on a single piece of evidence, one key witness, or a seemingly minor detail that is easily overlooked. Read More