How We Work

How We Work

A personal injury case can hinge on a single piece of evidence, one key witness, or a seemingly minor detail that is easily overlooked. That's why we go to extraordinary lengths on behalf of our clients. Mr. Schafer particularly enjoys the intricate development of complicated cases, and the preparation of demonstrative evidence to make a case compelling. Over the years Mr. Schafer and our attorneys and paralegals have:

  • Combed texts and journals at medical school libraries for literature to establish the standard of care for a physician.
  • Visited an operating room to better understand how a surgical procedure was performed.
  • Traveled across the country to speak in person with expert witnesses.
  • Ridden on the top of an elevator car to examine and videotape the equipment in the shaftway.
  • Videotaped an intersection for many hours over consecutive days to establish dangerous traffic patterns that led to a preventable collision.
  • Visited schools throughout eastern Massachusetts to establish state-of-the-art in gymnasium design.
  • Accompanied engineers to factories to observe industrial machinery in use, so as to better understand how an operator's injury could have been prevented.
  • Photographed warnings on vintage tractors at a farm machinery museum in Montana , to build evidence on the role of warnings over the past century in preventing injuries on equipment.
  • Spent days at the New York City Public Library researching advertising in trade journals, to establish the manufacturer's claims about the longevity of its equipment.
  • Researched patents from the U.S. Patent Office to establish the feasibility of safety improvements.
  • Sat with medical illustrators, model makers, and graphics designers to conceptualize and then revise demonstrative evidence for use in court.

These stories are not exceptions. They represent how we routinely approach our clients' cases. We take pains to present the evidence in your case persuasively, using charts, calendars, scale models, specially prepared medical illustrations, videography and still photography, and other graphics. Mr. Schafer was one of the first lawyers in Massachusetts to use a video presenter in the courtroom. We make this pledge: Steve Schafer will personally guide your case, and we will leave no stone unturned in our attempt to help you achieve the justice you deserve.

We welcome the opportunity to serve clients from referring attorneys.

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A personal injury case can hinge on a single piece of evidence, one key witness, or a seemingly minor detail that is easily overlooked. Read More